this time I am about to describe to you - or - STONE & FLESH 

SAFEHouse Arts, June & September 2019, video & stills by Jeanna Eichenbaum; 

photos, styling & direction by Laur Geiger

view painting by Eamon McGivern from this project

EK INSIDE, Imagining My Man, Spring 2020

Golden Hour: Paradise, Baker Beach, February 2020

video by Jeanna Eichenbaum; photos by Cantwell Muckenfuss, Ellie Williams & Savitri Arvey; styling by Laur Geiger 

Chasers at Aunt Charlie's Lounge, photos by Cantwell Muckenfuss, Ellie Williams & Dia Dear September 2019

Alien Babies 

w/ Cherry Smut

WORK MORE 8: DRAG HOUSE, Counterpulse, May 2019, photos by Robbie Sweeny

Life on Mars, Chasers at Aunt Charlie's Lounge, January 2019, photos by Sal Caino 

Utopia, Dog Eared Books Castro, November 2017, photos by Daniel Nicoletta; styling by Laur Geiger

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